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Welcome to Parents Enrichment Corner

Welcome to Parents Enrichment Corner


Dear Parents,

I hope you have a few minutes in your busy schedules to look into our Parents Enrichment Corner. You will encounter four special tabs. In “articles”, there will be issues and news updates concerning the family in both Spanish and English. The “book” section will also have recommendations in Spanish and English and in the tab of “Web Resources”, you will find links, Apps and safety resources that will be appealing for you and your family. Our last tab, entitled “Spiritual Directed Activities” will have announcements for both moms and dads. If you can, don’t forget to check out the PE corner on a weekly basis. I like to add on new things in the section of “articles”.

I truly hope this addition to our site will enrich your life and family.

Janet Ubich de Sánchez
Parent Enrichment Program Director